StratexLive enables senior executives to effectively manage the risk and reward equation for their organisations, leading to better management discussions, decision-making and action-taking.

These are just some of the activities which are supported by StratexLive.
  • Defining strategy maps and strategic objectives.

  • Defining and monitoring risk appetite.

  • Defining Balanced Scorecards, with KPIs, Initiatives and actions.

  • Defining and managing key and emerging risks using risk maps.

  • Defining, managing and monitoring the initiatives and actions which make up the organisational change agenda.

  • Define and manage operational processes and systems, and monitoring their performance, risk and controls.

  • Calculating, managing and monitoring the alignment of risk exposure to appetite.

  • Managing and monitoring KPIs, KRIs and KCIs using organisational and personal dashboards.

  • Conducting risk and control self-assessments.